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Obverse of the bill
  • In this section you can easily see the main invoice data, including: Invoiced period, invoice number, any recalculations and their dates and your contract number.

  • Summarised hereunder are the items of total expenditure. You will also find the details of VAT, average unit cost of bill and average unit cost of expenditure for energy or gas. Moreover, the invoiced payment to be made is indicated.

  • This section displays historic consumption with details of the last 12 months of supply.

  • Hereunder you will find customer details and the description of the option you have selected for your supply.

  • Including identification data of supply and relevant specifications.

  • In this section you can keep a check on the status of your payments.

  • All reference data of Iberdrola clients in Italy with addresses of Customer Service locations. In this section you will also find the emergency number of your area distributor, to be contacted in case of failures.

Open each menu to see its explanation

Backside of the bill
  • Details of energy used included in bill. Actual or estimated readings are also shown. You may also keep a check on maximum amount of energy drawn during the month.

  • Here you find the summary of TV license for private use.

  • Here you find the summary of duties billed. Divided by EXCISE and VAT.

  • In this section you can see the best options available from IBERDROLA CLIENTI ITALIA (CLIENTS IN ITALY) covering the energy market and major commercial initiatives.